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Break Free from Your Miserable 8 to 5 Job Today!

You did what everyone told you to do – you went to college, got the degree people said you would like and you’ve been working at that mind-numbing job for years.


But no one told you how much you would hate the commute, or the painful day-in, day-out routine of the 8 to 5, or your demanding, never-satisfied boss, or the inability to have flexibility with your hours. Just once you’d like to go to your kid’s little league game without having to arrange things weeks in advance.


No one told you about that horrible feeling in the pit of your stomach on Sunday evenings at the thought you’d be back in that cubicle in 12 short hours.


Guess what – You’re not alone.


Gallup has been tracking job satisfaction for almost 20 years. In September 2017, they released their latest findings and in the U.S. alone, 70% of working people hate their jobs. Did you catch that? Seventy percent! Take a quick look around your office – 7 out of 10 people hate their job.


Truthfully, we all want to find a job where we can hit that “sweet spot”. In baseball, that’s when batters hit the ball right on the area of the bat that turns them into a powerful hitter that can also place the ball where they want it to go. If you aren’t a baseball fan, think of Goldilocks. She searched until she found that bowl of porridge that was just right. She found the sweet spot.


So, a lot of us change jobs, desperate for satisfaction. Unfortunately, when we do change jobs, we stay in the same field or company. In fact, The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently revealed that working adults will have between 12 – 15 jobs in their working lifetime. We put our hopes in that new office, or new company, or promotion. But we find ourselves right back in the misery pit, afraid that the sweet spot is something we’ll never experience.


If you are like most working adults, you can relate to this. In fact, the odds are that you are likely considering a job change, preparing for a job change or in the middle of a job change. We all know what a big hassle it is to change jobs, so I know you wouldn’t be doing it unless you were desperate to find that sweet spot.

We have been trying to get it right with different baseball bats for years. But what if we need to give up baseball all together, walk across the street to the tennis court and pick up a new racquet.


Right about now, you may be thinking, “Hey, I’ve been playing baseball my whole life – this kind of job is all I know! Why would I leave it?” The question is, have you found that sweet spot?


Do you love your job? Do you feel satisfied with where you are headed? Does it give you freedom and flexibility to go enjoy your kid’s little league game any time you feel like it? Has it given you financial freedom? Are you able to pay off those debts and take more vacations with your family? On Sunday evenings, are you excited at the thought that your work is waiting for you to wake up the next morning?


I know what you’re going through, because that was me. I was miserable and unhappy at work. I desperately wanted – no, needed – a change.


And I found it. Now I love what I do! I just got back from a field trip with my daughter’s class and I didn’t have to ask anyone if I could go! We have paid off our student loans and have financial freedom that we never dreamed we could have!


What changed? I found out that I needed to step out of the batter’s box and walk over to the tennis court. Sure, the racquet is different than the bat I was used to, but it fits so much better. In fact, it’s been the answer to every single work frustration I used to experience.


You may have never even considered this new way of finding your sweet spot. But if you would love being your own boss, having flexibility with when and where you work, having financial freedom, dropping the commute, then don’t wait another day!


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