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..From  Green Leaf Lawncare Inc

Hi, Bill Leighton here. On behalf of my two sons and the rest of our company, I want to THANK you in a big way for allowing us to serve you this year.

It was such a privilege to provide your lawn maintenance and other landscaping needs and to show you our appreciation, I want to offer you a FREE End-of-the-Season Winterizing Package.  I don’t offer this to just anyone – ONLY valued customers like you are receiving this limited-time offer.

We will come out and perform all of the tasks needed to properly prepare your lawns, your gardens, your shrubs, and more, for the winter ahead.  When we winterize your landscaping, we will:

  • Chop, clip, cut and clean areas of dying foliage
  • Install extra protection for plants for the winter
  • Remove any invasive weeds or unwanted plants
  • Spread mulch
  • Baby the flower beds
  • And the list continues….


We want to do all of this as our gift to you, but we have a limited time to offer this.  We can only offer this for the next 10 days. Call me or text me now (555-555-5555) to set up your appointment before (INSERT DATE). Or just click the button below, leave your information, and we will call you back with a scheduled time.

Thanks again for turning to Green Leaf Lawncare for your landscaping needs this year.


Bill Leighton

Green Leaf Lawncare Inc


PS –

Don’t miss out on this FREE offer to prepare your landscaping for the winter. Call or click the link below before (Insert Date) to take advantage of this FREE offer!

Call Bill at 555-555-5555 or